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"Charlotte May Weddings is now offering a fantasic wedding experience in the very best part of Spain"

Viva España

Why Choose Spain

Mesmerising seafronts, tasty cuisine, plenty of Rioja and a relaxed culture. One things for sure, Spain is clearly a great atmosphere and dream destination for your big day.

Embrace the love, passion and romance that is inherently Spanish as you prepare to get married in the exotic setting of Spain. Envision your union in a rustic, Mediterranean ambiance, under the radiant Spanish sun, forming a memory that will linger in your hearts forever. Spanish weddings are a beautiful blend of culture, tradition, and festivity. Let the lively atmosphere and vibrant customs add an adventurous touch to your special day. Indulge in the cultural beauty of Spain, making your wedding an experience that resonates with love and unity.



A country resonating with rich cultural heritage, stunning architecture and family values, Spain is perfect to turn the chapter of love and marriage into a truly grand event.

Choose from opulent Haciendas, rustic Fincas or regal Castles for a memorable ceremony and vibrant reception filled with fun, laughter, and local cuisine. Whether you dream of a grand wedding or an intimate affair, the rustic charm of a Cortijo or historical magnificence of a Hacienda facilitates a truly authentic Spanish experience.



Spanish Weddings are a beautiful blend of romance, love, and charm. Imagine your vows under the radiant sun of Spain, with the romantic strumming of an authentic spanish guitarist.

The wedding entertainment is a cultural voyage of enchanting Flamenco dancers, drum rhythms, melodious harp, and soulful tunes of a saxophonist and violinist. The magical lighting, fireworks, and an adept DJ make your wedding truly memorable.



A coast line engulfed in 300 days of sunshine, so it is easy to envision your wedding day as a charming and magical affair, an intimate gathering set against the sun-kissed backdrop of the Costa Del Sol framing vivid memories on the most beautiful day of your life.


food + drink

Blending traditional Spanish recipes with contemporary culinary arts, we offer an exquisite range of food for your wedding. Be it a grand ceremony or close-knit affair, our catering promise a memorable culinary journey. Starting with an array of canapés, we introduce an eclectic mix including fresh seafood, succulent Iberian steak, and timeless traditional Spanish dishes. We also boast a vast assortment of Spanish drinks. From the finest wines to the freshest beer and handcrafted cocktails, you can toast to your special day surrounded by loved ones.


Spain like never before

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