Keeping the Memories Alive: Looking back at your Wedding Day

You may think that allowing yourself more than a year or even two years is enough time to plan your wedding, this usually is depends on the commitment of everyone supporting the event. (this is a topic I will be covering in the weeks to come).

The pinnacle of your special day will be the culmination of all the hard work during the planning period and this time literally flies by.

The same can be said when looking back at your wedding day and remembering just how amazing it was, rekindling those special memories and embracing the fact that Santorini will always have a special place in your heart and that Santorini is not just for weddings, but a destination that brings memories back to life and keeps them alive.

During my recent trip to Santorini in Mid August 2020, I was extremely fortunate to meet up with Stew and Alexa who came back to Santorini for their 1 year Anniversary to relive the nostalgia of what was quite simply an incredible wedding at Santorini Gem.

This down to earth couple revisited Santorini Gem and posed for an almost identical photo, albeit with shorter hair and new look, the once bride Alexa still looks stunning, Stewart is still as ‘dappa’ as the wedding day, and it is fair to say this perfectly-suited couple are not only beautiful on the outside but more importantly on the inside as well, an absolute dream to work with, extremely humble, grounded and appreciative of everyone around them.

I truly wish them both all the happiness and love for their future together x

If you want to relive some of their memories click on the link below that will take you to my Youtube Channel where you can view there wedding video which was produced by Wedvision Studios.