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"Charlotte May Weddings is now offering a fantasic wedding experience in the very best of Crete"


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Why Choose Crete

Set against the backdrop of rolling hills and cerulean skies, our traditional Greek farm wedding will leave you and your guests spellbound.

For those who yearn for a calm and serene environment, you can transform your ‘I Do’ moments into Greek wedding masterpieces reflecting the rustic charm of Cretan traditions either by the lakeside or in the village courtyard, before a quaint Greek chapel mirroring the rich culture and warm spirit of Crete, setting the perfect tone as you weave precious memories into your lifetime event steeped in Greek essence.



Away from the norm, experience a wedding that encapsulates the beauty of Crete’s pastoral charm and deeply rooted Cretan traditions at our only Crete venue. Carefully selected, this rustic farm offers you a choice of lakeside wedding unlike any other, or with the timeless grace of a Greek chapel courtyard wedding interlaced with touches of nature for an authentic rustic Greek wedding approach. The farm caters as the one main wedding venue we entrust, ensuring that your wedding flows seamlessly from one magical moment to the next.



Where rural charm meets romantic elegance, Crete musicians who know just how to strike the perfect chord of emotion will treat you to a slice of Crete’s rich cultural entertainment, breaking the dance floor with spirited greek dancers, to add zest to your wedding night. Your wedding day promises to be a mix of laughter, love, and a lifetime of beautiful memories with us!



Discover the perfect setting for your special day with our Crete Farm Wedding. Set against the backdrop of a Crete summer, your wedding is sure to be as vibrant and heartwarming as the bright Crete sun. With over 300 days of sun making every moment picture perfect, immerse in the tranquil ambiance surrounded by olive trees offering a unique romantic Mediterranean flare.


food + drink

Celebrate your union amid the dreamy landscapes of the island while feasting on traditional food that reflects the rich and robust flavours of Greek food. Allow us to enhance your Crete wedding with traditional catering and exceptional dining, offering an assortment of delectable canapés and local Greek food. Toast to your new beginnings, do it in style with our sophisticated champagne tower, a signature of our ceremony champagne expressions.


Traditional Crete

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